ANDHRM21.1F | 1-2-1126-211-F
Welcome Note

Hello kids! Welcome to the Employee Services Module! I can guarantee you that this module will come in handy once you become an HR Professional! So, let us quickly see what this module is about.

As we all know, employees are the drive force of any organization. Without them, an organization cannot survive. Hence it is of great importance that we take care of our employees and make sure they are doing safe and sound in their work environment. Further, a healthy work force is an asset to the organization, therefore, we also must be concerned about the health of our employees. As a result in this module, we will be learning about the importance of health and safety in our work environment, things that affect the health and safety of our employees and what are the strategies we can implement to provide a comprehensive framework to maintain good practices of health and safety in the organization.

So, I hope, by now you all have a basic understanding about the module. See you at lectures!